iPhone production

After a very difficult 2020 in the technology industry, Apple has ambitious plans for 2021 with a large increase in production.

Regardless of all the presentations and news that Apple has had in recent months, this has not been a good year for the technology industry . Not only has there been a significant reduction in the sale of devices, there have also been problems manufacturing them due to the coronavirus, the temporary closure of factories, the brake on exports … and the particularities that each company has had.

Apple has kept its calendar as best it can and presented all kinds of devices, but the star has been the iPhone 12 . This mobile has been an important step forward in all aspects , from the processor to the rest of the features, although it has not arrived at the best time.

Even so, for 2021 an ambitious plan is proposed by the company and it expects to increase the production of mobile phones by 30% , until it manages to manufacture about 96 million in the first half of 2021 .

Reuters reports on this objective that it would not only accommodate the iPhone 12 and its different models, but also previous ones such as the iPhone 11 or the iPhone SE . On the one hand, there would be making mobile phones reach users and stores, but also making up for the time lost due to the stoppage in the industry .

Anyway, this also means facing a problematic situation according to the report that Reuters has detected. The problems with key parts of the iPhone may come to an industry that still has not supplied enough after reactivation.

At a total level, the idea is that the increase in production does not slow down as the months go by and that 230 million phones can be manufactured in 2021 . This would also help to reinforce the entire production process of telephones and reactivate the different fronts. Although with the unknown of whether users will reward the measure and if it will sell as much as expected.

This is good news for the industry and is an optimistic move after 2020 that many will prefer to forget . If Apple has announced this increase after analyzing the current situation, the good times are expected to return to the technology sector.

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