Big tech companies

Large social networks and platforms are under investigation by the FTC for their privacy policies. In recent months we are seeing how large platforms and social networks have come under the focus of different investigations .

Perhaps the most notorious has been the recent order to separate WhatsApp and Instagram from Facebook after acquisitions that are now taken as monopolistic practices, but more news is predicted in the sector.

Yesterday, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) of the United States began an investigation into the privacy practices that are being carried out by big names in the technology industry in order to take action and carry out an in-depth study. Along with attempts to curb monopolies, this is one of the main existing concerns.

These companies include Amazon, ByteDande, Discord, Facebook, Reddit, Snap, Twitter, WhatsApp and YouTube , as listed by The Verge , and after the request made by the FTC they have 45 days to report on the issues raised.

In principle, companies have been willing to collaborate with the FTC and pass on their privacy policies and requested information on what data they collect and the practices they carry out.

The focus of the FTC is not only on the collection of sensitive information, but also on how it is used to display advertisements and content to users and on the application of ” algorithms or data analysis to the personal information ” collected.

According to the statement made by the FTC, the platforms have gone on to seek excessive monetization that has meant ” the increasing intrusion of the industry into our private lives .”

Given recent precedents and investigations, it will come as no surprise that the FTC or other agencies undertake some kind of initiative with Big Tech. The power that companies such as Facebook, Google or Amazon have today is restless in political fields and what was ignored a few years ago is now in the spotlight.

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