China and Nepal

Finally there is consensus: the highest mountain in the world, Everest, already has a single official height. Thus ends decades of discrepancies between China and Nepal.

A wise man said that the greatest defect of humanity is politics. Everything that touches politics blurs it, even something as scientific and exact as the height of a mountain. For decades the two owners of Everest , China and Nepal, disagreed on the height of the highest mountain in the world . At last they have agreed.

Since last December 8, Mount Everest, which in Tibetan is called Qomolangma and in Nepali Sagarmatha, has a single official height of 8,848 meters and 86 centimeters . The discrepancy came from afar. Mount Everest is located right on the border between China (Tibet) and Nepal, so a part of the mountain is in each country.

In 2005 a Chinese expedition carried out the last measurement, and concluded that Everest measured 8,844 meters. However, Nepal did not accept this height, because they carried out their own measurements in 1955, and determined that it measured 8,848 meters. For years Everest had no official height, or more specifically it changed depending on who you asked.

But in 2015 there was a huge earthquake in the area , of magnitude 7.8, which according to geologists could have altered the height of Everest. So China and Nepal decided to measure the mountain again, each with their team of geologists, but this time with the intention of agreeing on a single height.

Using the most sophisticated systems including satellites and data cross-checking with GPS, this is the most accurate measurement of Everest ever made.

Finally, they have kept their promise. In a joint virtual press conference that took place on December 8, China and Nepal have agreed that Mount Everest officially measures 8,848.86 meters . It is, therefore, 86 centimeters taller than the highest measurement we had so far. Thus ends a dispute without much sense, which has lasted for years.

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