Zodiac Killer

51 years later they have deciphered one of the messages of the Murderer of the Zodiac although still does not know the identity of a criminal who could kill more than 30 people in California. The passage of time has finally managed to crack one of the Zodiac Killer’s code messages, a feat that happens 51 years after the message was originally sent .

The Zodiac Killer, a serial criminal who killed five people and attributed 32 more murders in California in the late 1960s, had the police, the FBI, and the world’s best cryptographers in check for decades to this day. .

Techspot reports that the FBI has revealed that one of the messages from the Zodiac Killer has been deciphered, but the identity of this serial killer remains unrevealed. In the decrypted text you can read messages such as ” I hope you are having a lot of fun trying to catch me ” and ” I am not afraid of the gas chamber .” There are other mocking references and where he claims that paradise awaits him.

This code was originally mailed to The San Francisco Chronicles in 1969, and until today has not been cracked. Those responsible for achieving this feat has been the software developer David Oranchak and two of his partners, Sam Blake, an Australian mathematician, and Jarl Van Eycke, a Belgian operator and programmer.

Those responsible for having deciphered the code have pointed out that in the message a letter was assigned to each symbol , that the words were not written in a linear way with one letter immediately after another, and that they responded to a diagonal pattern .

Specifically, the letter, translated into Spanish, has been deciphered as follows: “ I hope you’re having a great time trying to catch me. That one that appeared on television was not me. I am not afraid of the gas chamber because it will send me to paradise as soon as possible.

Now I have enough slaves to work for me while the rest of the world has nothing. So death scares them. It doesn’t scare me because I know that my new life will be easy in paradise death ”.

To get to decipher the message, the team tested around 650,000 possible solutions that were executed through a code-decryption program that was originally written by Van Eycke. After a long time, the program finally released the solution on December 3 and it was immediately communicated to the FBI.

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