The pandemic has been a real blow to museums and art galleries. Virtual tours and remote guided tours may be the solution. Those of us who enjoy virtual reality realize the enormous possibilities of this medium. Especially in the difficult times that we are living in.

Visiting a museum or an art gallery from your mobile or computer screen is fine, but nothing can be compared to putting on some reality glasses and getting inside the museum in real size and in 3D . Move around its rooms and touch and interact as much as you want.

That is what Curatours wants to achieve , a new platform developed by Cooperative Innovations, a virtual reality company specialized in cooperative experiences.

Curatours aims to offer group guided virtual tours that can be accessed from a mobile phone, a tablet, a PC, or virtual reality glasses . But the important concept here is the actual interaction between the museum guides, and the group of visitors . You can see the presentation this video:

The Curatours proposal has several layers. On the one hand, he wants to virtualize the most important museums in the world , so that they can be visited remotely.

On the other hand, museum managers can create their own tourist tours with 3D recordings, live theater, presentation of paintings and live works of art, master classes to groups or schools … These tours can be free or payment , depending on what the museum or gallery wants.

For their part, visitors can visit museums with family or friends, since as we have seen it works on all devices, not only in virtual reality, and use voice chat to communicate.

The advantage of virtual reality is that you can do things that are impossible in reality , such as touching and manipulating all works of art without fear of spoiling them, taking them home to create your own personalized museum, climbing to the top of a monument for very dangerous as it is, or enter rooms or monuments closed to the public, such as the Altamira Caves.

A very interesting proposal that is still under development. But Curatours has already digitized a large museum and they are in talks with two others. The public beta will be available at the beginning of the year. Another similar proposal is History Maker VR , designed to teach history classes in virtual reality.

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