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Oppo is working on an innovative mobile that would push the folding format to the limit to achieve unique versatility.

A few months ago we showed you some of the patents Oppo was working on and how this manufacturer wanted to take the folding format in mobile telephony to a new level . It seems that the open road with Samsung with the Galaxy Fold is going to take these phones to new perspectives that can be folded several times.

The idea is that the key components of the device are in one of the pieces and the rest can be folded to suit the user and depending on the task they want to develop at the time. You could almost say that what is sought is that it can play with the mobile. And it doesn’t seem like a far-fetched idea thanks to the triple hinge seen in the new design .

Ben Geskin, a well-known expert in the technology sector, has shared on his Twitter account what the future folding phones of Oppo may be . These designs are reminiscent of some of the patents we saw in November , but with the addition of a stylus. As a sample, this was one of the patents that were detected.

The format is very similar, although at least now you can check the size compared to the hand and how you would opt for a more elongated and narrower design than expected, without it being a large mobile so that it can be carried comfortably in the pocket.

According to the information, the screen would be 7 inches in thin proportion and could move between 40 and 80 mm depending on the use sought.

The approach is very attractive and suitable for both private and professional use, with a seemingly discreet design for what can be expected in the most innovative mobiles. Although it remains to be seen that this will be the final focus.

What is clear is that folding mobiles are close to achieving their final takeoff , although in order for them to reach the majority of users, prices also have to be reduced somewhat. We will see which company is the next to take a step forward, but this Oppo design seems the most attractive .

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