profitable until 2024

Disney Plus won’t be profitable for The Walt Disney Company until at least 2024, even though it has set a new subscriber record. Even though Disney Plus is seeing pretty sizable subscriber growth since its launch nearly a year ago, the service is not expected to be profitable for its creators until 2024 .

According to The New York Times , Disney Plus lost $ 2.8 billion in fiscal 2020 , and analysts are forecasting even greater losses through 2022. After 2022, losses are expected to stabilize until the project becomes profitable at from 2024 at the earliest. In this way Disney Plus will lose money until 2024.

This can be really surprising, given that Disney plus has only taken 11 months to reach 74 million subscribers worldwide , a number of subscribers that it took Netflix to reach seven years. This is totally logical, because right now there is a greater acceptance among the public for this type of streaming services, something that a few years ago was unthinkable.

The losses are also understandable given that currently subscribing to Disney plus is very cheap, just € 6.99 in our country, although it is expected that in early 2021 the basic subscription will amount to € 8.99 per month .

This is normal, because as Disney plus gets more subscribers and establishes itself in the market, it will gradually increase its price, the same commercial strategy that Netflix already used in its beginnings, and that it seems that they will rise in price again in a few months.

In any case, it is expected that Disney plus will have enough news in the coming months in exclusive license films such as the Lion King or Peter Pan, but also more projects from the Star Wars and Marvel universe that are giving them so many benefits and joys.

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