One of the DGT radars that gets the most fines suffered from lack of proper maintenance, which is why a driver has managed to get his fine removed.

Sometimes it is a good idea to appeal the fines that have been imposed and unexpected sentences are obtained, such as having the fine removed and the DGT sanctioned. This has happened with a radar of the N-VI, at the beginning of the Port of Los Leones , and it can serve for more drivers to claim.

This is one of the most effective radars in our country and since 2016 has accumulated more than 55,000 fines and millions of euros collected , but it was not being properly maintained, as reported by the Associated European Automobile Association (AEA), according to MotorpasiĆ³n .

A driver fined for speeding had to pay 300 euros and run out of two points after notification from the Provincial Head of Traffic of Segovia. This person decided to appeal and has achieved an unexpected result: the Contentious-Administrative Court No. 22 of Madrid has granted him the reason and eliminated the sanction .

The reason why the reason has been given is that its proper functioning could not be ensured because ” the correct state of the radar support used was not recorded .” It is seen that the DGT had not complied with correct maintenance , which must be verified by checking the cabin every six years and the cinemometer every year.

In the same way, the DGT has also been sanctioned with 400 euros for the costs . We assume that you will also have to carry out a review of both its correct operation and the good condition of the cabin where it is installed.

There has been no information on the speed at which the driver was detected in that section of 50 km / h or the way in which he concluded that the radar was suffering from lack of maintenance, but the door is open to more drivers claim your fines on this popular radar .

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