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New information assures that the failure of not receiving notifications when receiving SMS messages on iPhone has worsened, and Apple has not yet launched the patch to solve it.

A month ago we already picked up a problem that the new iPhone 12 had when showing us the notifications of messages and SMS received , in a failure that seemed to be only aimed at new iPhone owners, but it seems that it goes much further .

However, the problem of not receiving notifications when we receive SMS or iMessages has worsened in recent weeks in a failure that Apple has not yet solved despite the fact that it was reported some time ago.

Now, according to TheVerge media , this failure would not only be reproduced in the new iPhone 12 but also in older devices that have been updated to iOS 14 , because it seems a software problem. In fact, one of the main difficulties of this problem is that it does not always happen, so you could be receiving notifications well and suddenly stop receiving them.

This is especially concerning, but if you are having a conversation with a person or are expecting some kind of important message in particular, you probably will not realize that you have received it unless you are constantly looking at the screen.

There are people who say that by completely closing the Messages application every time a text message is sent, the following insurance is notified. There are also other cases where they point out that notifications that are not received only occur in conversations that are pinned. There is a thread with the bug of more than 42 pages in the Apple support forums.

Everything seemed to predict that with the launch of iOS 14.3 next week the failure would already be solved, but the first users who are already with the beta version affirm that this error of not receiving notifications when receiving messages is still present .

It is a rather annoying bug, especially considering that the Christmas holidays are now approaching where we will send many more SMS messages to communicate with friends and family. We’ll see if Apple has time to fix this iOS 14 bug before the end of the year.

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