reason for its fall

If some social network goes down we can continue living, but if Google goes down … the world ends. Google’s servers have gone down today leaving YouTube, Drive, Gmail, Maps, etc. without service. The fall has been so great and has had such an impact that all kinds of conspiracy theories have been heard, sorry read, from a global hack to a monkey hitting a key.

Memes and jokes have spread like wildfire on Twitter and perhaps the most talked about have been those that made reference to Huawei . The grace is that they do not have Google services so they did not suffer the fall of the Internet giant.

Such was the joke, that Huawei itself put a tweet on its account making fun of itself and the situation: It is just one example of the jokes that the fall has caused.

So much so that we have contributed to the cause with a tweet where Homer Simpson announced the end of the world . Now, the company has made a brief statement and has clarified that “It was not a cyber attack, but an internal problem with the management fee of the authentication system.”

Google confirms that its services have been down between 12:47 CET and 1:32 PM CET . The Internet giant’s statement closes by apologizing for the inconvenience caused and that they will do a thorough follow-up so that it does not happen again.

An annoying situation for thousands of businesses and students who have had their communications through Google Meets interrupted , who were not receiving emails, who could not upload videos to YouTube and who could not search Google.

Google services are now completely restored and working as usual. We can now watch videos on YouTube, browse Google Maps maps , use Google Chrome, update our apps on Google Play Store, etc.

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