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Google has suffered a global server crash. many of its most important services such as YouTube, Docs, Gmail or Google Drive do not work, and are essential for thousands of companies, users and freelancers who cannot work, study or access services in a normal way.

2020 does not stop and we are encountering a real final boss in the form of a Google failure. And it is that, that Facebook, Inhstagram or WhatsApp falls, it is still something relatively common, but that all Google services fall is something more complicated .

This is what is happening at the moment, since Google’s world servers have gone down and, therefore, millions of users cannot carry out daily tasks at this time. Services like Google Drive, Photos, YouTube, Gmail and even Stadia are not working right now or they are working very erratically and slowly.

If you access some services such as Gmail, basic in the daily life of professionals, students and private users who simply want to check their mail, the easiest thing is that a message like this will appear:

Gmail down
For the moment, Google has not spoken , but the truth is that it is a fairly severe server crash that shows how many of us depend on the services of the North American company in our day to day.

There are services like Gmail or Drive that have not allowed me to access even once, showing an error message somewhere on the screen. Others, like the search engine, are slower, but are accessible from incognito mode , which has better resisted the crash of the servers, apparently.

We imagine that a company with the power of Google will soon identify the problem and reset the servers. For the moment, it only remains to work without these services … and go to Twitter (which -almost never falls) to complain and put memes about this fall of Google services .

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