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When we travel or do something special, we often upload multiple Stories showing everything we are doing. Today we propose another option, choose the best photos in the same Story and then show the rest in small 15-second videos.

Did you know that you can upload up to 6 photos at the same time in the same Instagram Story? Yes, and without using external apps, but from our own account. It is super simple and, as we say, we manage to give a special touch to our Stories, especially when we do not want to saturate our profile with several Stories on the same topic.

Instagram has us used to the fact that every so often it launches improvements in its app and recently launched a feature that allows you to make a collage with up to 6 photos. Before, if we wanted to do that we had to download an external app, for example, Instagram Layout.

Profiles with many Stories are less and less liked . What the public does is pass them quickly or directly discard them and go to the next profile. Therefore, to improve our engagement, we recommend you follow these 5 steps:

Having the Stories screen open we see that several options appear on the left margin. Click on the icon that we mark in the screenshot below .
The screen is divided into 4 equal parts, but we can change it and choose other designs .

Having the collage format selected, we click on the gallery icon (indicated by an arrow in the previous screenshot) and we are choosing the photos we want to publish. We can also take the photo directly and add filters and effects.

If we want to change a photo, we just have to double tap on it and click on the trash can icon that appears.
If we already have our photos “framed”, we click on check, we check the final result and then we share as if it were a normal Story.

This is done thanks to the integration of Layout in the Instagram app itself . Previously, it was necessary to use an external app or have Layout installed. In fact, it doesn’t hurt to have this app downloaded, since it allows different designs and even places margins that separate each photo.

From now on we will have the most organized Instagram Stories, without unnecessary filling and with a special touch. This trick comes in handy when we want to highlight a specific detail of a garment, take a quick tour of our day, show our followers the ingredients of a recipe, compare various looks , etc.

On these special dates, there are countless uses for Instagram Stories. Let’s not forget to create our Top Nine before December 31 to see which photos on our Instagram profile have been the most popular.

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