According to analysts, the iPhone 13 will launch all its models on the usual schedule and there will be no delays as has happened this year.

This year, due to the exceptional situation we are experiencing due to the pandemic, the iPhone 12 has not been launched on the same date as previous iterations, with a delay of between 1 and 2 months depending on the models, which has caused some chaos due to which is one of the great gifts that are made for this Christmas.

If everything follows as planned with the vaccination plans in the main countries of the world, it is likely that the situation will have normalized in mid-2021, so that in principle all the launches that come in the last quarter of next year should follow their usual course, including iPhone 13 .

However, according to wccftech , the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo specialized in Apple, those of Cupertino this year want to make sure that there will be no delay in the production of the new device. Usually production of new iPhones always starts in early summer, but this year with the iPhone 12 series it started in September, so they had to delay the device between October and November.

While the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro were released in October, then in November we received the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 pro Max, something that seems like it won’t happen with the iPhone 13 that would presumably be out at the end of September 2021 .

It is not clear that Apple will choose to call the next phone the iPhone 13 because it is a superstitious number in most Western countries, and the final name is very important when marketing a product.

At the moment there is practically no information related to the iPhone 13 beyond very light rumors, although what is assured is that the A15 processor will debut, which will once again push a technology that is already working very well for Apple to the limit since years ago.

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