If something isn’t working properly on your computer or you can’t find a new feature, your version of Windows 10 may not be the most current. So you can check which version of Windows 10 you have and how to update it.

Surely you think that your Windows computer is constantly updating, every so often it alerts you that there is a new update pending and it must be restarted. However, this does not mean that the version of your computer’s operating system is the latest.

According to a report by the company AdDuplex , only 8.8% of Windows computers had the October 2020 update installed in November of this year. It is a very low figure, compared to more than 50% that are maintained with the versions of 2019 or earlier.

Microsoft releases updates to its operating system every six months, along with monthly security patches, but if it detects a problem with the device or in the software it delays the installation of that version to avoid greater evils. For this reason, it is possible that your version of Windows is not the most modern and you have not realized it until now.

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It is possible that as a user it is the same to have one than the other, but to ensure a good functioning of the computer, the most advisable thing is to keep it updated. Not only for discovering the new functions and designs of Windows, but for the security and compatibility with the programs .

You do not need to install the latest version the day after it was released, there can always be an error. You can wait a few weeks to check that everything is in order and then force that download, always making a previous backup .

Check and update the version of Windows 10
To check which version of Windows 10 you have on your computer, the process is very simple. You must first open the program Settings: Use the search bar of the start menu to find or use the command Windows + I . Once inside, click on System and at the end of the left menu, go to About . Here you have all the information about your computer and the operating system it uses.

The latest version of Windows 10 was released in November, so enough security time has passed for you to download it. To do this, go back to the Settings home page, now click on Update and security .

Finally, on this page, Windows will tell you if you have any pending updates and will offer you the possibility to download and install version 20H2 . Also from here you can configure the update schedule so that the system does not try to update when you are in full work or view the update history. Here are some of the news you can enjoy after installing version 20H2.

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