Madrid and Murcia, two of the four communities with coalition governments of the PP and Cs, start 2021 without having even presented their preliminary draft budgets. The Executive of Isabel Díaz Ayuso has also extended its public accounts for the second consecutive year.

Both Administrations excuse themselves in the delay with which they knew the forecast of the income that would correspond to them from the central Government, which did not prevent Andalusia from approving their accounts on time. Catalonia, in pre-campaign, has delayed them until it has a new Government.

The economic locomotive of Spain and spearhead of the PP against the Government of Pedro Sánchez will continue, at least until March, with the budgets that Ángel Garrido approved in 2019 (20,072 million euros).

The man who took over from Cristina Cifuentes after her resignation due to the scandal of her master’s degree continues in the Madrid Governing Council, but as a Minister of Transport and in the ranks of Citizens after Pablo Casado bet on Díaz Ayuso.

The context was then radically different from the multiple crisis caused by the coronavirus. Thus, Madrid faces, with accounts from another era, the start of a key year for economic reconstruction.

The intention of the wing of the PP of the Madrid Executive is to negotiate them with Vox. Ciudadanos, on the other hand, would prefer the PSOE as a preferred partner instead of the extreme right.

The approval of the General State Budgets on December 22 put an end to the validity of Cristóbal Montoro’s accounts for 2018. Those of Castilla y León date back to that year, which will be approved in early February. The next most outdated are those of Díaz Ayuso.

With the aggravating circumstance that its guidelines remain unknown with a third wave of the looming pandemic that threatens to put the health system to the test again in the second half of January.

The Madrid president avoids all responsibility in the lack of a budget roadmap despite the fact that throughout her term she has not presented any preliminary draft budgets. Neither for 2020 nor 2021.

“We have been experiencing a very difficult situation this year to be able to execute and put them into operation. We did not have information about the money that corresponded to us until a few months ago from the Government of Spain, which has also been in a very similar situation, if not why do they still have the PP Budgets “, Díaz Ayuso hid on 17 December in the last plenary session of the year in the Madrid Assembly.

The statute of autonomy of the community regulates that the duration of its processing is two months. The approval of the accounts always took place in the annual closing plenary session, which is why their presentation at the regional government headquarters in Puerta del Sol at the end of October, just before the Puente de Todos los bridge, had already been established as a tradition.

Saints. Díaz Ayuso has broken that unwritten rule on the two occasions he has had. Meanwhile, it continues to base its entire strategy on the almost daily confrontation with La Moncloa. “We had not determined the macroeconomic scenario. There has been a constant delay in the budgets ”, the PP leader added on the 17th in the Madrid Parliament.

“Once again, the Government of the Community of Madrid ends the year without presenting budgets for the region. Bad symptom. In these times of emergency they are even more essential ”, criticizes Ángel Gabilondo.

For the PSOE spokesman, the extension of the 2019 Budgets to 2021 is “a bad sign.” And everything indicates that it will take longer than expected. The Minister of Finance, Javier Fernández-Lasquetty, acknowledged at the end of the year that the negotiation with Vox “has not yet started” and will be the previous step “before sending the budget to the Assembly.”

Meanwhile, Díaz Ayuso complains about receiving 1,284 million from the EU REACT fund, endowed with 10,000 million, considering that the Government has given preferential treatment to Catalonia (1,706 million) or the Valencian Community (1,254 million).The most favored was Andalusia (1881), one of the five communities presided over by the PP.

What the Madrid president obvious is that her community was the most benefited, with 3,346 million, from the 16,000 million non-refundable fund —that is, a non-refundable fund— that the Government set up in the summer. They were followed by Catalonia with 3,166 million, Andalusia (2,199) and the Valencian Community (1,486).

With less stridency, the Murcian Executive also argues that the “main delay” in the design of its accounts is due to “the uncertainty generated” by the central government and “the delay” in receiving from the Ministry of Finance fundamental data such as deliveries to account, VAT settlement and other macroeconomic forecasts.

Sources from the Government of Fernando López Miras emphasize that, unlike Madrid, they approved the budgets for 2020 at the end of April and that allows them “to face the pandemic situation with all the guarantees.”

Diego Conesa, general secretary of the PSOE of Murcia, put a month ago as a condition to support the accounts that a monographic debate be held to agree on projects to access European funds; that a law for the eradication of sexist violence be debated; and strengthen the educational staff and the health system. At the moment, there is still no answer.

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