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Thanks to this new feature of Microsoft Authenticator, we will be able to blur much more the distance between our mobile phone and the computer, thanks to the Edge browser.

Microsoft knows that more and more people are using their new Edge browser, and in addition to improving it with certain features, they are also dedicating themselves to updating other applications that can take advantage of its different features, and in particular now we have news regarding Microsoft Authenticator .

And it is that today it is very important to have a password manager because we are registered in dozens of services and web pages, and it is recommended that some type of application can store all our credentials, and that at the same time it is secure, and Microsoft Authenticator It is one of the most used.

As you well know, Microsoft Authenticator is a fairly popular password manager and the application has been updated regularly for the last few months, and in the latest beta version we see a feature that we want to highlight for you: it allows Android users to synchronize passwords that they have saved in Edge on their computers .

According to Softpedia , Android users will soon be able to synchronize the passwords that they save in Microsoft Edge on their computers so that they have all these credentials available practically anywhere, both on their computer and on their mobile phone or tablet.

Those in Redmond insist that you can use Microsoft Authenticator to manage accounts of all kinds, not just Microsoft: ” You can add multiple accounts to your application, including non-Microsoft accounts like LinkedIn, Github, Amazon, Dropbox, Google, Facebook and more.

Since the app supports the industry standard for time-based one-time passwords (TOTP), you can protect all your accounts online. Simply enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on all your accounts. Then when you log in, you provide your username and password as usual. Finally, you enter the one-time password (OTP) provided by the Microsoft Authenticator application . “

Thanks to this new integration with Microsoft Edge, we can blur much more the distance between the laptop and our Android mobile phone, adding a greater layer of access security to our most important accounts.

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