shuffling series

Netflix has finally decided to launch for the general public the feature of shuffling series and movies based on the algorithm that takes into account our previous habits. Netflix has long been working on offering an option that allows users to randomly play series, movies or documentaries, thinking of those undecided who do not know exactly what to watch.

But instead of being a random feature, this option would be based on the algorithm of the service taking into account the movies or series that the user has previously liked or those that are half finished.

According to Comicbook , now different users have just confirmed that this new feature of random reproduction of series, films and documentaries is now available under the new option called “Play Something” and that it is located below the user profile.

It seems that it is a staggered update because we still do not have it available in the application or on the web, so it is likely that it has begun to be deployed in the last hours first to users in certain markets such as the United States, to possibly be available for the rest during the next few days. The update would not only have reached the mobile phone application, but also the application of our Smart TVs.

On the other hand, if you are one of those users who have a Netflix subscription and who forgot to cancel, you will no longer have to worry that you are being charged. And the company has just pointed out that “ a very small percentage of our members have not seen anything during the last two years.

While we made it easy for people to unsubscribe with just a few clips, some have not taken advantage of that ability. So we have decided to stop billing them and we will do it for members who meet the same criteria in the future . ” In this way, if you have not accessed your Netflix account for more than two years , and you have not canceled it, you will automatically stop being billed.

“ While this change will result in a slight impact on revenue, we believe that consumer-friendly policies are the right thing to do and that the long-term benefits will outweigh the short-term costs. In a world where consumers have many subscriptions, automatic pause in billing after a prolonged period of inactivity should be the way leading services operate ”, they add.

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