The Dominguín sisters, Lucía and Paola, like their mother Lucía Bosé did, from time to time appear on the Mediaset sets to be interviewed in exchange for a succulent check.

Last weekend it was Paola who sat before the cameras to review the issues that made her family news in 2020: the legal fight between Miguel Bosé and Nacho Palau, the death of the matriarch, and the singer’s theories about the covid and 5G.

He also confirmed a story from the past, Isabel Pantoja’s relationship with Jose Coronado, who was her partner and father of her first child: “Jose told me that he had fallen in love with her. That’s when I decided to separate ”.

Paola Dominguín and her sister live in a town in Valencia, in the countryside, very close to where Nacho Palau lives, who was her brother Miguel’s partner for 26 years.and two of his children.

The youngest of the clan assures that she maintains a cordial and close relationship with him, that they see each other often and that she follows the children’s evolution. Of all this he informs his brother Miguel who lives in Mexico.

“A few hours ago I spoke with Nacho,” he revealed. The singer’s ex-partner resides in Chelva where she works in a sausage factory for 1,000 euros a month. “Children play and see each other over video calls,” said Paola Dominguín, but they haven’t seen each other since last summer.

“Miguel tried to fix it and offered Nacho to stay in Mexico,” he added. Palau did not accept the proposal and chose to return to Spain to work and not depend on the singer alone. “When they separated, each one stayed with their two children and that’s it. You couldn’t do anything else, ”he explained.

“I think that when they were born they should have done something to avoid this. They never talked about getting married or anything. ” Paola Dominguín also said that if Bosé neverpresented Palau as his partner was to give him “freedom.”

“It was the greatest proof of love for Nacho, thus preventing him from living with the focus of being his partner.” And he added: “Miguel has suffered a lot from all this.”

In the same way that the youngest of the singer’s sisters tried to justify him about her separation from Palau and her two children, she did so about the campaign started by Bosé on the covid, vaccines and 5G.

“Everyone has the right to say what they think,” he repeated over and over again, although he asked that the videos in which the artist, with an affected voice and angry gestures, broadcast his controversial opinions, be stopped .

Dominguín also spoke about the vaccine and announced that he is not going to get it, that he does not want to be a guinea pig, that he lives in the country and does not relate to anyone.

Paola was the one who was with her mother Lucia when she passed away last spring. They were locked with her for four days in a room at the Segovia Hospital where the actress was sedated. “He did not die from covid, it was pneumonia.”

Dominguín, who spent four years with Jose Coronado , father of Nicolás, his eldest son, also confirmed what was an open secret.

During the filming of the movie I am that the actor fell in love with the singer. “One day he confessed to me. He had fallen in love with her. I said up to here and it’s over ”. The couple’s relationship lasted as long as the shoot.

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