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We have played video games in all kinds of places, but it is not usual that we can do it within a Twitter tweet … It works! If you’ve already played Doom on a calculator powered by a 200-potato battery , or on a pregnancy test , here’s a similar suggestion. Play a multiplayer Pokémon clone in a Twitter tweet.

It is not the first time that video games can be played within Twitter . Years ago it was even possible to run MS-DOS games within a tweet, but Twitter canceled this option due to abuse by people, who uploaded hundreds of classic games to the net without copyright permissions.

What Nigel Nelson, developer of , has done is to embed his entire game within an interactive Twitter video. You can play right now by clicking Play here: is a retro-looking multiplayer game , with a gameplay very reminiscent of the classic Gameboy Pokémon .

You have to hunt monsters to add them to your team and use them to fight against other players’ monsters. It is a simple but entertaining title, and how it works in a Twitter tweet you can play it from the Twitter app, or any device with a browser: mobile, tablet, PC, etc.

Best of all, it automatically saves your progress. If you are playing on Twitter and you leave, when you return to the game from its mobile version or from its website , you will start where you left off (as long as you do not log out).

As its creator, Nigel Nelson, explains to The Verge , the idea has been so successful that it has gone from 1 or 2 simultaneous players, to more than 250. This, curiously, has been a problem because his server cannot handle the traffic , so he’s going to have to improve it

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