The PP signs the right hand of Manuel Valls as number three for the Catalan elections. Eva Parera is a councilor in the Barcelona City Council in the same group as the former French Prime Minister

New signing of the Catalan PP for the list of the regional elections of February 14 . If last week the popular ones incorporated Lorena Roldán , from Ciudadanos , as number two on the list for Barcelona.

This Monday the party plans to announce the signing of Eva Parera, right-hand man of former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls , at the Barcelona City Council. Parera appeared with Valls in the municipal elections within the Citizens-Barcelona pel Canvi list, a union that was broken just after the 2019 elections.

The votes of Parera and Valls, in the Barcelona pel canvi party, were decisive for Ada Colau to revalidate her position as mayor of the capital. The signing of Parera, a lawyer by profession, by the PP is one more movement in the dispute between the popular and the PSC for the orbit of Ciudadanos. The Socialists have signed, for example, the spokesman for Citizens in Tarragona.

From Barcelona pel canvi, in a statement they have explained this Monday that Manuel Valls will not stand for any candidacy, they have asked for the vote for parties that prevent an independence government and have stated that they give their members freedom to stand in constitutionalist candidacies.

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