The liberalization of rail transport was one of the great novelties of the year and the cheap AVE was expected, but it will not yet be available. It can now be officially said that rail passenger transport is liberalized .

December 14 was the date expected by many to be able to enjoy train trips with other companies and better prices, although the coronavirus has changed all the plans that there were and for now it will only continue to operate with Renfe .

No changes are expected in the next few weeks. Until the state of alarm is lifted, the news will be minimal , despite the competition that was announced and the cheap AVE trips that were sold and are already being advertised. This will mean an extension of the current situation until at least May 9, 2021 .

Among the expected competition is SNCF, a French operator that wanted to operate in Spain as of March 15 , but has had to postpone its plans. The first route was the classic Madrid – Barcelona, ​​but with a much lower price. It will operate under the name Ouigo and has started announcing trips at 9 euros.

Another of the companies that will come to Spain in the future is Ilsa, the sum between Air Nostrum and Trenitalia . In this case, its arrival is not expected until 2022, but it is known that it will do so with a greater number of trains and has already commissioned the manufacture of 23 for our country, according to El Confidencial .

To all this we must add Renfe’s cheap AVE, AVLO , which caused a sensation with the activation of its website, even if it was somewhat bumpy. But after selling thousands of tickets, he had to cancel them and return the money due to the state of the pandemic.

In any case, in a short time we will begin to see more trains on our rail lines and we will be able to enjoy a greater offer in terms of the number of trips and prices, something to be appreciated in a means of transport that meets two very interesting conditions: comfort and sustainability.

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