Samsung prepares

Samsung would be working on a new version of its Galaxy Book Go product line, which it will presumably introduce next month at CES 2021. There are a multitude of laptops that we can buy in the market, some to use at home, others focused on gaming, others on productivity, or others that we can transfer to workplaces without much difficulty.

But there are also other very light, compact laptops that can be carried and used while we are away from home . According to a new record discovered by letsgodigital , Samsung would be working on a new Galaxy Book Go laptop , a device designed for use on the go and that is likely to return at CES 2021 to be held in January, but online.

South Koreans are not new to this market niche, given that they have already launched laptops within the Galaxy Book series such as the Galaxy Book Flex and its 5G version that appeared a few months ago.

Now the South Koreans have just registered the trademark “Samsung Book Go” in the European Union Intellectual Property Office on December 11, classified as Class 9, in a commercial classification that includes “LCD screens, tablets and computers laptops, laptops, computer monitors, tablets ”.

By including the word “Go”, we already know that it is a device so that it is easy to carry and use while traveling, even when you are walking. At the moment the specifications or how it will compare to the existing Galaxy Book that are on the market are unknown, but everything seems to indicate from the description that it is a laptop with an LCD screen .

It should be noted that the trademark application has been sent without the name “Galaxy”, but it is common for Samsung to make this type of movement in this regard, registering them without Galaxy and then requesting an additional trademark a few days later.

The computer is expected to be presented during the CES 2021 international fair that will take place from January 11 to 14, in an event that will be held digitally.

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