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Not everything in this world is WhatsApp, other messaging applications have earned the trust of many users for their defense of user privacy.

Signal is one of the alternatives to the all-powerful WhatsApp of Facebook. This messaging application is not so well known, but at certain times it has stood out for its safer and more respectful proposal with the privacy of its users.

In the middle of the year, when protests against racism were growing in the streets of the United States, Signal caught the attention of the participants by allowing the faces of the protesters to be pixelated to protect them from any retaliation. It is also known for prioritizing the encryption of all its functions as the last one that has just been introduced.

True, WhatsApp also has end-to-end encryption in its messaging service, but Signal has prioritized security one step further . Now and as a consequence of the rise of video calls this 2020, they present the function of making group video calls, which will also be encrypted for greater security.

” Group calls are one of the many features we have designed with private groups, using our RingRTC library to handle encryption and the logic to configure calls, ” they say in their statement .

Within each group there will be a button for any of the participants to initiate a video call. The rest will receive a notification to join the video call. At the moment, the participation limit is 5 users , but the company wants to expand it later to compete with other applications such as Google Meet or Zoom.

This new encrypted function will be available with the new update for both Android phones and iPhones. Signal is, together with Telegram, one of the main alternatives to WhatsApp, with more security mechanisms and other functions such as reactions to comments or personal notes and that provide a differential point with respect to other messaging applications.

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