first three-button computer

The mythical mouse with three XY buttons will go up for auction on December 17, and you will be able to bid. Never has such an important piece of computing been available to anyone, and that is that next week what is considered the world’s first computer mouse will go up for auction , and for only $ 800.

Specifically, the three-button XY mouse created by Douglas Engelbart and was presented for the first time on December 9, 1968, will go up for auction. The computer part will be up for auction through RR Auction on December 17 in an initial bid of 800 dollars , and that surely will multiply its price exponentially.

The three-button XY mouse was originally developed as a NASA-funded project that wanted to improve the operations of a computer interface that would allow users to solve complex problems in a faster and easier way.

The mouse was patented in 1967 on behalf of SRI International , and was later enhanced to have a plastic outer shell and three buttons on the top instead of just one. Apple subsequently obtained the patent for the XY mouse for $ 40,000 at the time.

Perhaps one of the reasons for the low starting price is that the mouse does not work , since the cable was cut in the past. Even so, this type of piece is not intended to be used, but to be conserved since it represented a technological advance of a certain depth.

The auction, which will be held on December 17, is likely to finally be acquired by a museum as usual, or even by a collector who can later assign or resell it to a museum.

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