Samsung's tracking device

Just a few days after its launch, a new registry has just filtered the colors with which the Galaxy Smart Tag will be put on sale, and even with information on its hypothetical price.

Samsung is betting heavily on ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, and is already working on a new tracking device that will be released together with the Galaxy S21 that will be presented in a few weeks in the month of January.

We already began to know about the existence of this device at the end of November, after passing certification in the Indonesian telecommunications authorities , but a recent registry gives us many more details about its existence both in the form of colors and its hypothetical price.

Now through the database of the South Korean telecommunications authorities, we know what the initial design of this device looks like which comes in a rounded square shape and a small hole to introduce a cord. It also seems to include a button that when pressed allows us to find a connected phone.

Some interesting characteristics remain to be known, such as the battery, if it will have IP68 certification for resistance to dust and water, and what mechanism it will use to stick it safely to all the objects that we are interested in following.

Based on what can be read in this registry, it looks like it will be released in black and oatmeal colors , and the price could be around € 15 according to the trusted filter Ishan Agarwal .

And no, it is not the first object tracker of the South Korean company, since a couple of years ago they launched the SmartThings Tracker that already featured Bluetooth and LTE connectivity, and at a price of $ 99.

It seems that this new tracking device is going to be sold as the perfect complement to the new Galaxy S21 that are presented in January, and that are expected to come with a UWB sensor.

On the other hand, through the SmartThings Find application, all mobiles could display the exact address and distance of the location of those objects that have been marked with the Galaxy Smart Tag on the screen.

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