iPhone fashion continues

The Russian firm Caviar has dared to destroy one of the few Apple 1 computers that still survived on the market to create an iPhone 12 that has not turned out very well.

Apple gives money, or rather gives a lot of money, and there are companies like the Russian company Caviar that are responsible for launching rare and very expensive devices, and sometimes with a bit of bad taste like this strange iPhone 12 Pro Apple 1 .

The Apple 1 was the first computer that Apple launched on the market, and right now there are very few units in the world, and when one of these computers goes up for auction it can end up reaching close to a million dollars.

As reported in iMore , the people of Caviar have had no better idea than to destroy one of the few Apple 1 that still survived in our world and that are a true history of computing, to insert them inside an iPhone 12, in a monstrous device both in design and what it means in itself, and that it also has a price within the reach of few pockets .

The design has no appeal beyond seeing part of the original Apple 1 plate embedded in the rear area, and some additions that are not going to take the award for good taste or design of the year, with a wood finish.

In the description provided by Caviar they point out that “ Apple 1, the world’s first computer, inspired the Caviar designers to create a unique device: Caviar iPhone 12 PRO Apple 1. An element of the world’s first PC is incorporated into a box wood with a glossy titanium screen, which resembles the original design of Apple 1.

Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Classic will become a unique accessory for all Apple fans and admirers of rarities. A Caviar buying the Apple iPhone 12 PRO 1, it is becoming the owner of a rare item: a part of the first computer Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, the Apple 1 ” .

However, this iPhone 12 Pro Apple 1 will only be manufactured in 9 units and will be sold each for $ 9,990 , and worst of all, it is likely that they will all be sold.

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