The manufacturer of the most famous kitchen robots, presents its new product before the holidays. Thermomix Friend is designed for those who need to cook several recipes at the same time.

Thermomix takes advantage of these dates of family meals and special recipes to present your new robot or accessory, depending on how you look at it. Thermomix Friend is presented as an extension of the traditional robot, a complement to cook much faster or more.

For all those who need to make several recipes during the weekend and leave the food for the next few days already done or for those kitchens who want to prepare very complex preparations that require several steps in parallel. The Thermomix Friends could make your task much easier.

Connected by Bluetooth connection to the main Thermomix at home, both robots will work simultaneously. While you cook an ingredient in one glass, in the other you prepare the sauce for the sauce, for example.

One of the advantages of having two glasses is not having to clean the one we have every five minutes to be able to prepare the next step and put aside the ingredients that we have already cooked. This process slows down many processes or means that the food is cooled more than it should.

This new “friend” who comes to help in the kitchen will have almost all the functions that the main robot has, such as steaming, mixing, simmering and keeping food warm. The glass is identical to the Thermomix, but its functions are somewhat more limited and its design more compact.

It is compatible with the TM5 and 6 models to be able to use the Bluetooth connection. The company says it already has 40 recipes available to follow each step with the two glasses.

Thermomix Friend was first announced in November with a one-week flash offer in which it was possible to purchase a joint pack with Thermomix TM6 and the new Friend. As of this December 14, it is already available officially and indefinitely.

Its price is 499 euros with the base , or 399 euros, without a bowl. This way, people who already have several containers will not have to buy an additional one.

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