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We all know the foods that help us lose weight, or take care of our body. But did you know that there are also breaths that accelerate aging?

There is a very simple rule to eat healthy: if it’s good, then you get fat or get old … Jokes aside, the truth is that we give great importance to foods that add kilos to us, and sometimes we do not look at others that also harm us, although in a different way: they are the foods that accelerate aging.

Indeed, these foods exist. It does not mean that if you eat them you get gray hair or wrinkles, but rather that they accelerate the aging of cells, and with it the elasticity of the skin and muscles. In short, they age our body . Our colleague Andrea Gomez from Business Insider has compiled a list of 7 foods that accelerate aging , if consumed in excess. Let’s take a look …

This may surprise you, but very spicy food dilates the blood vessels , promoting their rupture. This causes a loss of elasticity and tone in the skin, which accelerates the appearance of wrinkles.

Artificial colors used in many desserts, sodas, and other foods contain sulfites that weaken blood vessels and skin elasticity , precipitating premature aging.

Red and processed meat
Red meat has carnitine, a natural substance that, when consumed in excess, causes a hardening of the skin’s capillaries, deteriorating it. In addition, processed meat has the same sulfites as colorings . And it usually has plenty of salt, which is another ingredient that ages, as we are going to see.

Excess salt is not good for almost anything. The sodium in salt retains fluids and favors the appearance of cellulite.mBy raising blood pressure , collagen production is reduced , which is very important for the health of skin cells.

Sugar reduces the elasticity of the skin and accelerates cellular aging . Not to mention that it can lead to diabetes, which is a serious disease.

Soft drinks contain sugars and artificial colors, so the harmful effects on aging of both ingredients are added, which we have already seen.

Trans fat
Trans fats are widely used in fast food and ultra-processed foods. This type of fat causes inflammation and clogs the arteries and blood vessels , accelerating the aging of the entire body. They also make the skin more sensitive to the harmful effects of the Sun.

Many of these foods we already controlled because they are fattening, but others such as spicy or colorings, do not. If you also keep them at bay, the years will be kinder to you. You will thank us after 30 …

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