12,000 years ago

Although it may seem incredible, the world still hides many secrets. And this could be one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of the last decades.

We live in the era of satellites and drones, which allow us to photograph the world from the sky or space, with a zoom capacity of just a few meters. It seems impossible that there are still undiscovered corners of the world, but they do. Thousands of 12,000-year-old cave paintings are hidden in a hidden area of ​​the Amazon .

A team of British and Colombian archaeologists led by the expert José Iriarte, from the University of Exeter, has discovered in a remote area of ​​the Amazon called Serranía La Lindosa (Colombia), cave paintings between 11,800 and 12,500 years old , which extend along caves and walls in the open air, in an extension of more than 10 kilometers.

Thousands of drawings showing scenes of daily life, mainly hunting, of the first settlers of America :

The discovery occurred a year ago, but has been kept secret until all the paintings have been delimited and protected. In these drawings made in the rock, American settlers from the Ice Age are shown hunting extinct animals, such as mastodons, camels or giant sloths .

The discovery is extraordinary for many reasons. First of all, the enormous number of paintings . According to the press release , there are thousands of paintings that extend in caves and walls for 10 kilometers. It seems impossible that they have been kept in such good condition in a humid and hot place like the Amazon.

Another exceptional fact is that the paintings are 12,000 years old . Until recently it was thought that at that time was when the first humans began to colonize America , much later than other continents. Recent studies seem to place this colonization a few thousand years earlier. But experts are convinced that these paintings were made by the first settlers of this area.

The large number of drawings and their extreme detail are a treasure for archaeologists, as they will be able to discover many things about the customs and daily life of the first settlers of America. One of the most spectacular discoveries of the last decades, which shows us how our planet still hides many secrets from our ancestors.

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