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In China they already have in mind to create a small interconnected smart city, where an artificial intelligence would know the tastes and habits of each of its citizens.

The future represented in Hollywood films could be closer than ever, and that is that a smart city project in China aims for a connected artificial intelligence to be capable of knowing each of the habits of all its citizens.

The project is part of both the Danish architecture firm BIG and the Chinese technology company Terminus who want to build a campus-style city that is run exclusively by artificial intelligence. Everything in this city, which would be equivalent to 200 football fields in size , would be managed by robots and artificial intelligence, with which everything would be absolutely connected.

As can be read in InterestingEngineering , the project, called Cloud Valley , intends to use sensors and devices connected to Wi-Fi to collect data on everything, including the habits of each of the people such as their food and hobbies, but also to the contamination of the area.

The creators put the example that the machines would know each one of the people perfectly , and therefore it would be the machines themselves that would automatically open the access doors to the visitors since they would already be known. Similarly, a person can go to a restaurant or his favorite bar, and the machine would already know what to serve him according to his previous food tastes.

This project has the risk of violating the fundamental rights and privacy of people. However, it has detractors who believe that smart cities run the risk of undermining human rights if companies and governments do not guarantee that there is a limit to surveillance.

We will see if this interconnected smart city project in China ends up being the prelude to something much bigger.

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