With these simple functions you can operate your computer with greater comfort and fluency. They will help you to be more productive and faster with Windows 10. With each new update come more and more functions to Windows 10. Options to configure the computer as we like and create shortcuts to enable or disable tools.

If you have a Windows 10 computer, knowing these tricks will help you customize the start menu, the desktop and control the settings of elements such as the screen or the browser. They are very simple processes, you just have to follow the steps.

First, we recommend that you keep your computer updated with the latest update that has been released. From Computer Settings , click Update & Security , then Windows Update . From there, you can see if there are any new updates available to download. If this is not the case, click on Check for updates.

Customize the Start menu
The Windows Start menu is changing a lot in recent months, it is easier to customize it. For example, we can change the color of windows and folders. To do this, first go to Settings (look in the Start menu bar or use Windows + I).

Within this section, enter Personalization and then Colors , you can find it on the left side of the screen. Choose a color, in light or dark mode and customize the desktop, the start menu and other elements of Windows.

Play with the windows open
In Windows it is already possible to move from one window to another very easily, we can even hide most of the windows that we have open and keep just one. If you are one of those who accumulates a large number of open programs on the desktop and you end up going crazy, your solution is the Alt + Tab command .

With this command you can see a summary of all the windows that you have open at the moment and navigate through them with the keys from right to left or with the mouse. You also have the ability to discard the others and leave a single window open. To do this, click on the window you want to keep and shake it, all the others will be minimized for greater organization.

Create shortcuts on the taskbar
Your favorite websites or that page that you visit regularly, you can pin it on the taskbar for faster access. Instead of opening the browser, typing the address or looking for the page, we can more comfortably click on the direct access and the browser now opens on that website.

This feature currently only works with Microsoft Edge, although it is really useful. The first step is to find this page in Microsoft Edge . Then we open the browser settings through the three vertical points in the upper right corner. Now find the More Tools section and click Pin to Taskbar . Finally, you have to assign a title to that shortcut.

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