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Starting in 2025, some countries will ban fuel vehicles from driving. Zero Labs has designed a platform that allows you to convert dozens of classic vehicles to electric, without touching the body or interior.

The replacement of fuel vehicles with electric vehicles is something that should be done without any hesitation. Completely and absolutely, and without turning back. The future of the planet depends on it.

Fortunately, it seems that both governments and manufacturers themselves are determined to achieve this. But that does not prevent the problems that this historical change will generate from having to be solved. For example, what do we do with classic cars that run on fuel?

In most European countries, fuel vehicles will stop being sold in 2030. In some such as Norway, they want to move forward to 2025. What happened then with fuel cars? Zero Labs estimates that 15 million classic vehicles will be abandoned .

Zero Labs Automotive is a technology firm that has just presented a platform to convert classic cars into electric, without touching the body or the interior .

What he has done is to design a modular platform adapted to four vehicle formats : the classic 4 × 4 (1947-1975), the American muscle cars (before 1975), the classic two-door coupe (1948-1975), and the classic pickup (1947-1975).

These four formats fit more than a dozen brands and dozens of vehicles manufactured between 1947 and 1975 . From the Land Rover SUVs to the Ford F-100, Porsche sports cars, convertibles, etc.

What Zero Labs is going to do from 2021 on is to replace the engine, axles and wheels, practically the entire lower part of the vehicle, with a modular electric platform that fits perfectly into the bodywork of the compatible models.

In this way, the classic vehicle will retain its original bodywork and upholstery, but with an electric motor that will allow it to circulate in accordance with the new pollution laws that will be released from 2025. Another additional advantage of this conversion is that it will now be much more powerful than the original model.

With a range of 375 kilometers and up to 600 horsepower , cars manufactured before 1975 will be between two and four times more powerful. The whole conversion process will be completed in a month, although the prices will not be cheap: converting a Land Rover from the 1950s to electric will cost around $ 185,000 .

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