If you a have moved into a new apartment or house or planning to do so, you will think how will the new place look like. If your budget supports, you can go for a major refurbishment. But if this is not the case about changing the overall decorum of the house, you can go for one major change. Often it involves the house paint both inside and outside. The changing of the furniture may also be included. Painting of the house inside and outside will require lots of time and maybe money. So one of the least hectic job is to opt for something different. Wallpaper is an amazing option that comes into your mind when going for individual room modernizing. I call them “amazing” as they make and feel like taking you into another world of dreams. Like options in paints, there is much more available as far as these amazing wallpapers are concerned. The patterns, the designs, the colours, the sizes just keep you astounded, etc. So let’s talk about this in a little more detail;


Wallpapers are mostly made of vinyl or latex ground coating in different colours, which accepts the printed pattern. They make woven backings of sturdy woven textiles such as heavy woven cotton or powerful material like the jean. Non-woven backing comprise wood, pulp mixed with any synthetic material e.g. polyester, acrylic, nylon, and rayon, and acetate, spandex, etc. The ground coatings solidify the paper and makes it durable and strippable. It also includes additives that enhances the ease of holding capability, opaqueness, and drapability of the overall wallpaper.


Colours that will look good in any room or an apartment are light colours. Specifically white or the light brown-beige shade. White just looks good in every apartment. If you have direct sunlight in your apartment, white will amaze because it reflects a lot of light. But if you don’t have a window or sunlight doesn’t come through in your room, think again about other light colours like gray baby pink, etc. If you are into dark colours and would like to put these amazing wallpapers in dark colour and worried about the sunlight, do it on only one wall that way you can put your favourite colours and whatever you like and you still be having some sunlight. And don’t forget colours like ombre, teal, peach, fade, green, gradient all encompass an unlimited variety of colours available to choose from.

Pattern and design

This is where you can go crazy, if you don’t really like the idea of boring white or light colours you can bring the creativity through patterns. Patterns don’t really cut the base colour off, so you can have some design and some light in to the room. Some basic patterns are bricks, stripes, geometry, basket weave, checkered, brocade, zig-zag patterns, floral or animals, swirling and jewel designs pattern, Jacquard, Greek key, medallion, paisley, polka dots, tartan, wood, etc. So we can choose much more than what we have mentioned from. It all depends on your mood and style as far as putting up these amazing wallpapers, where a bird is flying towards you or jewel design makes you feel like a member of the royal family.

Furniture and room match

Furniture is something that is a fun activity to do. Looking for a piece of furniture that matches your colour of your wallpapers is advisable. And at least for your drawing room, if not all rooms. Go with a slightly darker shade of furniture that will really contrast with the colour of your amazing wallpapers. If your wall papers are bricked designed, go for light colour and if its wooden colour or patterned, go for the dark blue sofas. Wooden tables of dark brown shade are a wonderful choice in this case, etc.

Going for it

When going to purchase these amazing wallpapers, of course you will have to take the exact size, so that you do not buy extra pieces unnecessarily. Vinyl coated Wallpapers are widely used, so opt for them. Do not look for many designs or patterns, as it may confuse you. I recommend that be clear of what colour wallpapers you want. Then you could opt for the design or pattern that best suits your overall house features. It is always best to buy the wallpapers in person. Until and unless there are good discounts like world of wallpaper discount codes available online; look for an outlet that has return or exchange policy. Wallpapers usually are not costly, but little research and references can help a lot in this matter to cut down on your budget.

Sweet Wallpaper Home

There are so many things that you can do on putting extras like pictures, fairy lights, hang some quotes, etc. And yes, my bit of advice for the clock. It is advisable to go for a Wall clock that differs totally from the ambiance of the room, so that it stands out and looks great. All this adds to your updating of your lifestyle and the image that you want to project. And as George A. Moore, an Irish novelist, once said, “A Man travels the world over, in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it.

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