Working remotely is the new normal, courtesy of the pandemic! The sudden adoption of WFH culture due to Covid 19 has brought the need to bring your classrooms or workspace at home. While this is one of the greatest joy’s of one’s life, the most tiring aspect here is to set up an office or dedicated space for your work amidst the home environment.

While it might sound impossible, with few tech tools, you can easily set your WFH culture.

The primary thing that you will need is a high-speed internet connection along with a laptop and a few other accessories. Down below, we have listed a few recommended technological tools to help you adapt to the new culture conveniently.

Recommended Technological Tools

You don’t need a vast lobby to be productive, just the ideal tool, and you can be productive in your home office too. So here are some technological tools that will help employees cope with the work pressure without being in the office.

The Common Gadgets

Efficient laptop

There are high chances while working from home; you have to use collaborative tools to augment productivity. So, an efficient laptop that offers all advanced working features must be your first thing to buy. The last thing you will want is a lagging laptop in the middle of an important meeting.

First, list your requirements and then go for the research work. Buy a laptop that will offer good returns in the long run. Also, do not forget to apply for a laptop warranty; it will save you at the time of crisis.

 High-speed internet service

As most work procedures need a stable internet connection nowadays, high-speed internet is also necessity. From sharing files to scheduling zoom meetings, everything is digitalized. So go for a reliable service provider and research well before committing to service because a poor connection can lower your productivity and hamper your work life. 

 Wireless router

Almost every service provider offers wireless routers for better connection. However, always consider the usage; if your work involves many zoom meetings or your brother plays online games all the time, consider upgrading the router for such bandwidth-intensive operations. Or if you want connection even outdoors, hop on to wifi range extender and enjoy working at your terrace too.

The Basic Accessories

The aforementioned things are the basic requirements for WFH, but you will also need additional accessories for smooth functioning. Those include,


Most laptops have an inbuilt webcam, but if you want a higher resolution than the primary laptop camera, seek an upgrade. Look for an additional webcam that offers at least 1080p resolution. A working professional has many commitments, and communication is the key so that a high-resolution webcam will be the right fit for you.


Of course, to listen and respond, a headset microphone is the best tool. The voice comes way more clearly than standard headphones. If your work cycle includes many calls, then investing in a good headset will benefit you. Go for the noise cancellation headsets and look for the ones that are comfortable for long work hours. Use a quality microphone, or else your voice won’t reach the other end.

Wireless mouse and keyboard

When technology offers so much convenience, why not utilize them. Prolonged hours in front of the screen are tiring and catching a break while typing is the best way to relax. So purchasing a quality wireless mouse and keyboard is a wise investment because who knows when this lockdown will end.

Wireless tools help to cut off the clutter from your workstation. Although it is pretty messy to work with multiple wires, a wireless mouse will help you operate the screen from a distance. You can even opt for appliance insurance to cover unanticipated costs.

Docking port

All of the above-listed accessories are designed for both laptops and desktops. A docking port helps to connect these devices with your laptop while you are on the WFH schedule. It is also portable, so you can maintain it even when you are out.


However, it is quite challenging to stay focused without senior supervision and get quite lonely without co-workers. With the above-mentioned tech gadgets, you can establish connectivity and be more productive during this lockdown time.

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