We are consistently seeking ways to make our day-to-day routine easier. Whether it’s the introduction of Alexa to our lives to inform of us the weather or the use of contactless payments that means never having to carry cash, the little things that make things smoother are all for the better.

One area that we’re continually improving is our shopping procedure. Thanks to travelling restrictions and store closures, many of us took to the web over the past few months and sought out alternative ways of picking up our favorite things.

The next-day delivery allowances offered by many retailers saw a stark growth in the e-commerce industry throughout 2020. Why bother traveling the whole way to the hardware store, the supermarket, and the pet store, when you could have everything arrive to your door at a time of best convenience to you? Why waste valuable time that could be spent indulging in the latest Netflix series?

Well, while online one-off purchases went through the roof, helping to pad put Mr. Bezos’ pockets even further, there was another shopping phenomenon gaining ground in the shadows—subscription boxes.

Yes, the subscription business model, which was once just a monthly delivery of VHS you probably didn’t want, is now one of the fastest-growing concepts on the planet.

So, let’s say you never wanted to bother visiting the store again—instead have everything delivered to you, on a certain day, at a particular time—how much would that cost?

Well, you’ll be pleased to know we’ve done the math for you. Take a look at the total cost of a man’s fully subscribed life.

Health and beauty

There’s no point getting rid of the stress-inducing store runs if you aren’t going to reap the rewards. Dollar Shave Club do a package at $23.15 a month which includes face balm, shaving scream, a sensitive razor, and much more, to ensure that it’s more than just your routine that runs smooth!

Why go for run of the mill protein powder when you can get a monthly delivery of a highly nutritional organic alternative from Orgain for $29.99? Now you’ve got your muscle builder, you’ll want to ensure that your body keeps ticking over and the wheels are well and truly oiled—you can do just that with Vitafive for $14.99 a month!


Charles Hix famously coined the phrase: “Looking good isn’t self-importance; it’s self-respect.” A good outfit really can make the difference, no matter what the circumstance or occasion, and for this reason, backing a solid clothing subscription box is essential.

Charles Tyrwhitt offers its Proper Shirt Club subscription for $26.33 to keep you looking suave on a daily basis. Sprezza Box, meanwhile, provides you with monthly surprises, including watches, combs, and wash bags for $28.

Ensure that your socks are on point with a delivery from Sock of the Month Club, which is available at $12, while your boxers will be supplied by Me Undies for $14.

Finally, take a delivery of running shoes from Cyclon for $29.99 a month. Not only will they keep you moving in style, but you can also be confident you’re doing your bit for the environment too thanks to the fact they are made from recycled goods!


Realistically, if we’re going to stick to this and never leave the house for shopping again, we’re going to need a way of keeping ourselves entertained when it’s not during working hours—no problem, we’ve got you covered.

Of course, it would be foolish not to call upon our friends at Netflix to provide the viewing, which will be available at $8.99 a month, while Apple also offer their music streaming service for $9.99 a month, keeping you grooving every day!

Now, to keep things balanced, we’ve thrown a reading subscription in the form of Book of the Month subscription service which comes in at $14.99.

Food and Drink

After a hard day of slaving away in front of the screen, you’ll want nothing more than a glass of fine wine. No trooping down to the liquor store for you; Winc delivers three bottles of wine every month for $39.99!

Yes, we understand, you aren’t always in the mood for a glass of wine, especially on a Friday evening—that’s beer time. Thankfully, we didn’t forget this either. That’s why we’ve included the US Micro Brewed Beer Club too. Labelled the best beer subscription for the super picky consumer 2020, this box is packed with the best in the business to meet your tastes, for just $30.

Start your day right with a cup of coffee from Blue Bottle Coffee, who deliver you the best hand-picked beans for only $8.99 a month.

Now, for the all-important sustenance in your diet. We’ve decided to call upon the help of Factor 75 to help with your meals. Beyond 18 meals a week, you’ll pay $11 per serving, meaning if you choose to get three a day delivered, it’ll cost $231 a month. The best thing about it is there’s no preparation involved at all, other than heating it up of course!

Misfit Market’s Mischief Box, meanwhile, offers you 13-pounds of fresh and organic produce for only $22 a month, so no need to worry about getting your five-a-day.


Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about your loo roll—that would be catastrophic. Yes, you can even get your toilet paper delivered on a subscription basis from Reel who deliver bi-monthly boxes for $29.99, meaning you’ll be spending $15 a month.

So, there you have it—a life fully subscribed and to your door for the princely sum of $559.40.

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