Australia’s most popular city, Sydney is a popular tourist and student destination. For those interested in higher education abroad, Sydney is a top contender for international students owing to its contemporary lifestyle and opportunities. With top universities, quality academic and vocational programs, a high standard of living, and excellent student accommodation, Sydney, the favourite city in the “Land Down Under” has a number of experiences in store, even for students on a budget!

★         Do the Bondi-Coogee trek

The walk from Bondi to Coogee beach is packed with surfers catching waves and views that will make your jaw drop. The whole walk is 2 hours long, but you might want to make it a whole day trip as there’s much to see and do throughout the trek. As you make your way from the Bondi’s golden beaches and picturesque views, make sure to stop at the various observation points, rock pools, and cliffs.

★         Sightseeing the whole city

Students often forget that simply getting out of their student accommodation Sydney is a surreal experience. You’ll find that just walking outside and exploring the streets can turn into a fun day with your squad. Wanna discover the city deeply? Just sign up for one of the free city tours hosted by the locals. Students will be stunned to see just how many hidden gems they can uncover in just one day! The city’s local volunteers will have a lot to teach about Australian culture and can even help you visit places you didn’t know existed.

★         Head to the Opera House

We know what you’re thinking— how is the Opera House an affordable place to visit? And while tickets to a show will cost you a bomb, you can always head to the boardwalk at night with your mates and take in the view of the stunning architecture. The harbour view along with the wind in your hair is bound to give you main character vibes.

★         Open mic nights and stand-up comedy

It’s time to stop performing in front of your mirror in your student accommodation in Sydney. If you’re done sightseeing, head to any of the local pubs or comedy clubs that host open mic events and get on stage! You can also laugh your heart out and enjoy the hilarious local acts and Australia’s funniest comedians at their award-winning comedy clubs!

★         Visit museums for free

There’s plenty of museums in Sydney that have free admission. What’s more, they’re not boring at all! You can learn a lot about everything, from modern art, how to “mint” money, groundbreaking photography, and different kinds of rocks! Some free museums you should check out are the Museum of Contemporary Art, The Mint, The Australia Centre for Photography, and The Rocks Discovery Museum.

★         Take a stroll on the Harbour Bridge

Your student accommodation in Sydney may be comfortable, but there’s a lot to experience in the city. You can’t be in Sydney and not walk the Harbour Bridge! Just a short walk away from Sydney’s Opera House is the Harbour Bridge that stands proudly, quietly watching the city. Climbing the bridge is an experience of a lifetime but is also a very expensive ordeal. But walking across the bridge from one end to the other costs nothing! We’re going to let you in on a little secret— the view from the top of the bridge is the same as what you get from walking below! The city view is magical and definitely worth the walk.

★         Attend Sydney’s popular festivals

The city lights up a few times every year for the prominent festivals that are a must-visit. Some of Australia’s popular festivals are hosted in Sydney, like the Sydney Festival, New Year’s Eve and the Mardi Gras Parade. Locals, working professionals and students all partake in the festivities and various activities that turn out to be super epic! Most student accommodations in Sydney also host various social events, workshops, competitions, excursions, and parties that foster a sense of community and allows residents to meet like-minded people.

Moving to a new country for the first time can be challenging, especially for university-going students who are managing expenses on a budget. From outstanding terrains, excellent services, friendly locals, and affordable student accommodation, Sydney is the perfect place to be for undergraduate and postgraduate students looking for the complete university experience.

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