It’s nice when you are scrolling through social media and you come across a video of a sweet dog. Then, you realise it’s a rescue dog and your heart breaks.

Stories of dogs that have come through tough backgrounds to make it to amazing forever homes are some of the best videos on the internet. It’s fantastic to see humans out there doing good by taking these dogs from dire situations and giving them better lives.

In this article, we are going to warm your heart with some amazing stories of rescue dogs that have made it big on the internet.  

Maggie the wunderdog

All of these dogs have a bad backstory, but Maggie’s is particularly horrific. She was found tied to a
 box in Lebanon where she had been shot 17 times. Maggie was lucky to survive, but her injuries left her with blind and with only one ear. Her foster owner saw a post online asking for someone to adopt her, and Maggie ended up in London with her new family. She is truly a superhero since arriving in the UK, and her social media account has grown – she currently has 447,000 followers! Her new owner even gave up her job to look after Maggie’s social media account full time. Maggie has now trained to be a therapy dog to help others, and she has her own book!

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Fiorella the iggy

Fiorella is an Italian Greyhound that looks like she has been an Instagram model her entire life. But she had a tough start in life. For five and a half years, she was used as a breeding dog for a puppy mill. When they were finally finished for her, she was overweight, sick, and afraid of humans. But once she was adopted by her foster family, her life totally changed. She is now living it up on Instagram, wearing her jumpers and showing off the biggest smile to her 76.8k followers. Whether she is endorsing her favourite hypoallergenic dog food or toys, she is loving her new career as an Instagram star.

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Wally’s rescued life

Wally may look like a puppy, but she is actually 11 years old. She is believed to be a mini Poodle, which explains her small stature, but her owner is not too sure.

When she was fostered in 2016, she was malnourished, only weighed four pounds, and had tangled fur and dental infections which led to all of her teeth having to be removed. She now only eats soft food soaked in water. But this ball of fluff is not letting her poor start to life stop her – she is seen posing on Instagram to her 35.2k followers with her tongue hanging out. 

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Romanian rescue that ended up in the USA
A Romanian dog shelter got a call about a dog being on train tracks. However, whenever they tried to approach him, he would run away. The finally managed to lure him with treats and took him to the vets. They were excited to find out he was microchipped and thought they would be able to reunite him with his owner. But, when they contacted the owner, the owner said they didn’t want him.

The shelter named him Bobi, and they uploaded a video online appealing for someone to adopt him. The video ended up getting 41 million views on YouTube. A family in Delaware, USA ended up adopting him, and he is now happily living with his other fluffy brothers.

The sleeping dog that stole hearts

When Jerry Green Dog Rescue centre put up a video of their new rescue dog sleeping the office, they never thought it would get 1 million views online. But the video stole hearts as seven-year-old Harvey the Staffie lay chewing on his blanket as he slept. They had thousands of applications to adopt him from as far away as Australia and USA. He is just waiting to be processed into his adoption centre before he can start to see potential owners.

The Dodo

The Dodo is one of the most popular animal Instagram accounts on the platform with 9.6 million followers. They post daily videos of many types of pets from unusual animal relationships, such as a tortoise that loves his doggy brothers. These videos can brighten up anyone’s feed with heart-melting moments like a rescue that is unsure of other dogs at first, but then gets help and, in the end, loves being around everyone.

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We hope these dogs have brightened your day and showed you that rescues can have an amazing life after they have been adopted. Maybe it has convinced you to rescue? Just because a dog has had a hard life does not mean that the rest of its life cannot be amazing with the right parents.  


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